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My name is Jason. I’m looking for friends, a relationship, legal help and some donations. I’ll explain for each, 1st is friends. I’m social and want that social networking that web surfers get. I like to meet and converse with new people like anyone else and sadly, prisons in Wisconsin Do Not offer internet access. I like to have a lot of friends and contacts and people to write for holidays and I’m friendly, so you’re invited to write. 2nd is a relationship, I haven’t been in a relationship for over 9 years. I happen to love woman of all kinds and miss the caring connection emotionally I would get from a relationship of some kind. I too long for the American Dream of a wife, home and family, as most of us do, I imagine. 3rd is legal help, I have been given an overly lengthy sentence and charges, excessive for its kind and found merit for appeal and need assistance. My case is rare and garners some attention. And lastly, donations, I’m not so interested in anything free, so for a donation of any kind, I will make and send special beadwork that I make/produce. Donations help cover the cost of the beads, but I’m more that willing to send anyone some nice, special beadwork jewelry for free. Any donations need to go to a different address.

Money orders go to:

PO Box 1000
Boscobel, WI 53805-0900

Thanks and God Bless You