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Greetings from Texas,

I’m a native Houstonian in his 40’s seeking friends, always appreciates networking, support and association of the few who stand for the end of human rights violations in civilized society.

I value friends who enjoy writing, visiting, love a good laugh, have a zest for life in all its diversities. I believe everyone needs social interaction in life. Prison is a lonely dismal place.

My hobbies are bringing change to educate society about the injustice of capital punishment. I work with all who have heart, backbone to stand in the face of insurmountable adversity.

I enjoy all music, a big part of each day. Ancient history interest me. Love to travel, my friends are my window to the world. Really enjoy receiving photos and correspondence on many subjects.

I’m looking for friends who won’t judge me rather accept me as a person in unjust circumstances of life. My life story, case, escape and capture are told in my book – sold on in English, German, French, and Italian. I encourage you to read it in order to get to know me.

I’ve been on the row decades, each year holds new challenges in my fight for life. I’ve no crystal ball – the future is a glass ½ full. Life is what we make of it. This Texan is busy living life!

To read about my history Google my name, I’ve been featured on Discovery, I.D. Almost got away w/it, among other TV appearances.

I’d enjoy hearing from you, sharing some good clean fun. Could you be so bold and brave to step out of your comfort zone and write a man who doesn’t belong on death row.

I look forward to mail call, the highlight of each day.

In Struggle, Chuck