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I apologize for not being able to provide a smiling photo but I guarantee you I will provide you with a friendship filled with thousands of smiles and millions of laughs - if you will please allow me this incredible opportunity to become your friend.

Hello! My name is Paul Watkins. I am a condemned inmate here at San Quentin. I hope you will allow me just this small moment of your time as I, in all sincerity, ask for your friendship. I realize that I am completely unknown to you but with your taking the chance to find out more about me, and who I am, can absolutely bring intrigue, fulfillment and many levels of happiness - as well as countless other rewards. Rewards that we only find as we take advantage of the opportunities to uncover any of life’s mysteries. I only ask that you give me a chance, just like I am taking a chance - a chance on change by placing this ad because with replying to it you will definitely change my life for the better.

I have been in this drastically unfortunate situation for over two decades and the circumstances for me here are far too often incredibly unfair and unpleasant. For well over the past decade of my incarceration I have spent my time here with virtually no friendships or acquaintances that I could share pure socialization with, which only tends to aggravate and further exacerbate my situation.

I have not had much of a unit of family support to begin with and now, by this point, my family support group has dwindled down to next to nothing; and, for so very many years there has been no one for me to turn to and talk to when times get hard - absolutely no warmth for me in this cold, cold world, which certainly does serve to get me down at times but, overall, I have maintained and I have persevered because I have strength.

I am now actively trying to change and improve my situation through seeking a true friend which would definitely be considered a blessing. I am a good person and I have the capability of being a great friend. I always strive to be an even better person and I love working on self-improvement by reading and feeding my mind with just about any non-fiction book. I mildly like sports, chess, and I have a huge love of music and can listen to just about anything under the sun. I passionately love movies and any movie-lover could instantly become my best friend for life.

I am at my best when I am sharing friendship, it truly makes me a better person and I do hope that you will very soon tell me if I am someone that you would like to share an experience of friendship with. You, you, you. YOU! I am specifically and especially hoping to hear from you and I want you to know that I truly thank you for listening.